How to Free Your Energy By Letting Things Go

So far we have looked at non-harming, truthfulness, non-stealing, and non-excess in our study of the ten guidelines for relating with the world and loving yourself. This post looks at the fifth guideline— non-hoarding (aparigraha). Although I frame the discussion for moms raising small children, the overall lesson applies to everyone. I hope you can find the carryover for your life as you further your study of yourself.

The fourth lesson spoke a lot about taking on the work of Marie Kondo in your life to free yourself of excess. The fifth lesson works alongside the concept of non-excess. It teaches us to not hold rigidly to objects, people, our bodies, or our thoughts. We tend to grasp firmly onto objects and not want to release our hold on items, even if we no longer use them as we once did.

Have you kept jeans you bought years ago, holding out for the day you’ll wear them again? How much energy is that draining from you? How would it feel to let go of the jeans and the idea of who you feel you would be if you wore those jeans?

What could you manifest with the newfound energy you have?

When we release our attachment to things, we free our energy to take better care of ourselves and families. We practice this lesson by not holding rigid opinions or controlling others.

What would happen if we let people surprise us instead of judging them? For instance, what if we support someone to take up an exercise regimen instead of labeling him as “the lazy one” and expecting him to fail? Can we genuinely support him in his actions and feel true joy at his successes? 

The learning is to allow others to speak and act freely. Do you label your baby and hold onto an idea about him/her? If he/she has trouble sleeping, do you label him/her a “bad sleeper”? Notice how this binds your energy around the entire topic and practice of sleep. Instead, open your heart to the idea that your baby has a challenge, and both of you are working toward solving it. Every day, affirm a genuine love and support for yourself, knowing you and your baby will figure it out. Be open to new approaches to sleeping; be kind to yourself and your baby as you navigate this particular path.

What thoughts do you hold onto about yourself? Do you continually call yourself lazy, messy, or some other condescending label? Do you keep yourself in a cage as you grab onto ideas about your capabilities? Instead, stay rooted in the present moment.

Be honest with your energy, tap into the Divine light within, and act according to your genuine needs that serve your real self.

Don’t nurture the possible inauthentic self you may project. If you are still trapped in inauthenticity, revisit truthfulness.

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