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I took my first yoga class in my late twenties and finally found a place where I could feel my Self. Over time, I became comfortable with my body taking up space in the room. One day after class I felt something utterly foreign to me—contentment and peace. That summer I took a four-week embodied voice and movement intensive. The work focused on bringing awareness to sensation and vibration in voice and body to develop, among other skills, speech clarity, vocal tone, and expressive dynamics. I noticed warmth in my voice as it vibrated towards the front of my mouth. When I sensed my voice, I felt myself fully I became interested in what I had to say. Yoga and embodied voice (yoga for the voice) brought me back to myself—a woman I got to know again and enjoyed being with. These embodiment disciplines don’t only ground me in the moment of practice, but throughout my daily life when I carry over mindfulness of sensation. They are a way of life.

I am devoted to sharing them with you.

I teach from a place of curiosity, devotion, and wonder of what the body/mind/spirit are capable of once integrated and engaged in the moment. There is a certain magic that happens when one feels her/his breath move inside the body and connects with the stillness of the spirit. I encourage my students to approach this space with a sense of humor, reverence, and ease. Whether exploring a yoga sequence, a series of vowels, or a speech, my students find a way to connect with her/himself and the moment of expression feeling grounded and light at once.

Mothers feel like themselves again, they connect better with their children and partners, and build a practice of self-care that restores them. Men find a softer side to how they take care of themselves that includes breathing fully and mindfully. Kids find creative ways to explore movement and voice that captures their essential selves— they can be free without any pressure from a grown-up telling them how they should be.

I became a certified trainer of Lessac’s Kinesensic voice and movement work in 2010. I became a certified yoga teacher in 2012 from Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington, VA and earned my CYT-500hr designation in 2018. I have taught voice at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney) and George Mason University (Fairfax, VA).  I have taught many levels of yoga, including regular hatha yoga, yoga fundamentals for beginners, gentle yoga, prenatal, postnatal, and vinyasa yoga. I am particularly devoted to women’s health.

Students can expect that I will care for their experience and find ways to deepen their understanding of sensation so they can connect with themselves. Once a student taps into authentic expression, whether in a yoga pose, a deep breath, or a monologue, she/he begins to trust the process. I offer tools for self-teaching and self-awareness, so the student continues to ground her/himself continuously to grow.