I teach embodied voice, speech, and movement to revitalize vocal life. I help others find a dynamic, warm, and resonant speaking voice grounded in a flexible body. I cover breath support, vocal range, speech clarity, posture, and movement dynamics so you feel confident and authentic while you speak. I am able to coach voice over Skype when needed. Sessions are one-hour once a week for at least six weeks for best results. 

Do you have a particular vocal need that requires focused attention? Do you thrive best with one-on-one instruction for personal growth?  Do you want to more fully examine a theory or practice I have described in my books?  I offer private voice coaching to help you overcome emotional, mental, and/or physical obstacles to your dynamic vocal life. Together we'll discover and develop a warm, rich voice with clear articulation. 


This is the symbol of OM, the vocalized embodiment of the Divine. Whenever you chant it, you feel vocal resonance in the bones of your mouth that vibrate through the crown of your head. It's the perfect embodied act integrating body, mind, breath, voice, and spirit.