Taking a single class with Melissa Hurt has made me into both the performer and woman I am today.

Melissa intuitively connects with people.  She seems to instinctively know how to enhance a performance, and I felt that she swiftly got to my core as a performer, so every note she gave was specific and effective. 

The connection between my mind, body, and voice has never been stronger.  Every time I am coached by Melissa, I feel inspired, confident, and ready to tackle the next challenge.

Melissa not only teaches you a monologue or a skill or an accent – she teaches you a process. Long after your time with her, I can guarantee that you will find yourself referencing her guidance.

Melissa Hurt has challenged me to reach new heights both as a performer and a person. She is brilliant and genuine, and she has my highest recommendation.
— Kira Omans, Actor, Model, 2015 Pacific Miss Asian American

Thanks for creating this Moms and Crawlers group! It was great meeting you all and your little ones today! We had a great time and Martin is finally taking a nap!

I started taking private lessons from Melissa because voice training seemed like something I should do in order to be taken seriously as an actor. What started out as a “should” turned into a treasured means of self-discovery.

Not only did I learn tools to refine my vocal technique, Melissa helped me recognize unnecessary tension holding me back as both a performer and a human. Melissa has a vast knowledge of theater, and a kind, nurturing spirit that will guide you towards your goals.
— Nadine Rousseau, actor and dancer

Melissa Hurt is an outstanding public speaking instructor. Melissa enlightened me to the crucial yet often unobserved connection between the speaker’s internal environment (active awareness of breathing, posture, and voice projection) and his or her audience and surroundings.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover how effective her relaxation techniques were in diffusing many everyday challenges as well. Throughout our sessions Melissa took an active interest in helping me achieve my goals.
— Laura Murdock

Melissa is generous with her knowledge and inspired by what she teaches. She brings her academic intelligence to her holistic voice and body training beautifully - she is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.
— Aimee Cacarillo, Acting and Voice teacher