Embodied Voice: Get Clear

Whether you give a lot of presentations at work, teach, perform audiobooks, and/or want to live more freely in your voice and speech, this course will get you on the pathway for sensorial awareness and clearer speech.

You will develop awareness of the power of breath, posture, and speech clarity through Arthur Lessac’s Kinesensic approach. You will explore breathing practices that support a posture that feels good and play with consonants using a musical metaphor. You will attune with the sensations and vibrations of the consonants and carry this into words and sentences with the goal of sustaining quality sensation as you speak. You will be clear in speech, yet spontaneous and free in your vocal delivery. You can take this course on its own or with Embodied Voice: Feel Dynamic

This course is delivered through downloadable audio files and accompanying pdf handouts.

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Embodied Voice: Feel Dynamic

Whether you want to strengthen your voice, be heard without shouting, find more vocal range, and/or express yourself more freely, this course will set you up for an exploration in the beauty and power that is your voice.

You will discover the subtleties and soft power of the breath, optimal posture, and vocal warmth and resonance through Arthur Lessac’s Kinesensic approach. You will develop awareness of vocal vibration through bone-conducted resonance in the bony surfaces of the mouth and skull. This resonance creates vocal richness and warmth, vocal strength without pushing or pain, and a fuller pitch range. You will explore vowels that create space in the mouth and free the jaw of tension simply by how you feel the muscles in your cheeks and lips opening to the sound. You will discover what Lessac calls the “tonal current” as a way of speaking so you are always connected to what you say, how you say it, and are dynamic and free in your expression. You can take this course on its own or with Embodied Voice: Get Clear. 

This course is delivered through downloadable audio files and accompanying pdf handouts.

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Gentle Yoga Fundamentals:  Core Conditioning and Awareness

This class is suitable for anyone new to yoga and wanting to learn how to get started, experienced in yoga and wanting to learn critical information on the core and safe stability, postnatal yoga students who have been cleared to begin a movement-modality by their OB/GYN or midwife, and students experiencing low back and/or sacroiliac joint pain. 

This class leads you through the fundamentals of a gentle/beginner’s hatha yoga asana (postures) practice. You will learn how to safely develop core strength at the front, sides, and back of the body. You will learn how to synchronize breath with movement of the pelvic floor such that you develop strength and flexibility in this most critical layer of the deep core. Through three one-hour asana practices, you will move in a range of ways that keep the pelvis stable and safe while strengthening the core.

This class is delivered through three one-hour downloadable videos.

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Postnatal Yoga Supplementary Module

This class covers modifications necessary for the postnatal student to keep her safe as she recovers from the load and strain of carrying and delivering a baby (vaginally or via C-Section). You will learn about diastasis recti, how to determine the width between the two abdominal sheaths, and what practices will help it heal and which practices to avoid. You will learn about the pelvis and the pelvic floor and how to keep them safe and stable through an asana (postural) practice. This module is suitable for yoga students and yoga teachers alike.

This class is delivered through a one-hour downloadable video.

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Melissa Hurt

is a certified trainer of the Lessac Kinesensic work and is a member of the Lessac Research and Training Institute®️(LRTI). Please refer to their website for more information about this approach to voice, speech, and movement at www.lessacinstitute.org. If you would like to discover this work more deeply, you may contact Melissa for a private online session via her website at www.melissahurt.com. You can also search for a certified trainer near you on the LRTI website.