Embodied Voice: Get Clear

Do you envision a clearer path for yourself, but want to find a new way to get there? Do you speak too quickly when you are in front of a group? Do you lack confidence when you speak?

Whether you give a lot of presentations at work, teach, perform audiobooks, and/or want to live more freely in your voice and speech, you will get not only clearer with yourself, but also gain clearer speech through this course.

This 21- day course will teach you how to become more articulate in your speech and your vision for personal growth. This course comes with a workbook including writing space to record your reflections through journal prompts on your process.

This course is delivered through downloadable audio files that vary in length from 6 minutes to 15 minutes. I recommend students devote at least 20 minutes a day to focused speech development in addition to the time it takes to explore each module. I recommend listening to each module more than once! You will have a new experience with the content each time.

Are you ready for a clearer sense of self? Isn’t it time you had a dynamic livelihood when you speak? What are you waiting for?

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Embodied Voice: Feel Dynamic

Do you want to find more vocal options than shouting to be heard or understood? Do you want to explore a range of options with how you express yourself? Do you want to feel what it is like to be empowered, yet open-hearted at once?

Whether you want to strengthen your voice, be heard without raising your voice, find more vocal range, and/or express yourself more freely, this course will set you up for an exploration in the beauty and power that is your voice. Developing vocal power and range will empower you and connect you more deeply to your deepest, truest self.

You will discover the subtleties and soft power of the breath, posture, vocal warmth, and resonance through Arthur Lessac’s Kinesensic approach in this 21-day course. You will create vocal richness and warmth, vocal strength without pushing or pain, and a fuller pitch range. You will create space in the mouth and free the jaw of tension. You will remain connected to what you say, how you say it, and be dynamic and free in your expression.

You can take this course on its own or with Embodied Voice: Get Clear.

This course is delivered through downloadable audio files and accompanying pdf workbook.

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What people are saying…

Embodied Voice: Get Clear was such a unique and interesting experience for me!  I felt like I was practicing yoga for the voice!  It was exhilarating.— Safa S.

The lessons were interactive—with pauses giving me a chance to experiment with sounds and tonalities along the way. The overall length of each lesson was just right for me. The style of this course encouraged me to be creative in exploring various sounds. I’m so glad I invested the time to really explore the power of my voice!— Cele G.

Embodied Voice: Feel Dynamic helped me be mindful during my day with breath and posture. I felt more stamina in my voice and I say that because I was focused on ensuring that I sustain the structure of the vowels correctly.  It really felt like I was in yoga practice for the voice. I thought the workbook was straightforward and easy to follow. — Safa S.

I feel like this work is going to totally change my life! So excited for this! — Marni P., professional actress and audiobook recording artist

I give a taste from "Embodied Voice: Feel Dynamic," a course in which we develop vocal power without pain and also develop the beauty of the vowels through an awareness of the flexibility of the lips and cheek muscles. In this video I give a sample of a few of the structural vowels.
I give a glimpse into the work we do in my online course "Embodied Voice: Get Clear." When you develop awareness of how you feel the consonants, you get clearer speech. Through the process, you get clear with yourself-- who are you when you communicate? What do you need?
I give a taste from "Embodied Voice: Feel Dynamic," a course in which we develop vocal power without pain and also develop the beauty of the vowels through an awareness of the flexibility of the lips and cheek muscles. In this video I give a sample of vocal power through experiencing the Y Buzz.

Gentle Yoga Fundamentals:  Core Conditioning and Awareness

This class is suitable for anyone new to yoga and wanting to learn how to get started, experienced in yoga and wanting to learn critical information on the core and safe stability, postnatal yoga students who have been cleared to begin a movement-modality by their OB/GYN or midwife, and students experiencing low back and/or sacroiliac joint pain. 

This class leads you through the fundamentals of a gentle/beginner’s hatha yoga asana (postures) practice. You will learn how to safely develop core strength at the front, sides, and back of the body. You will learn how to synchronize breath with movement of the pelvic floor such that you develop strength and flexibility in this most critical layer of the deep core. Through three one-hour asana practices, you will move in a range of ways that keep the pelvis stable and safe while strengthening the core.

This class is delivered through three one-hour downloadable videos.

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Postnatal Yoga Supplementary Module

This class covers modifications necessary for the postnatal student to keep her safe as she recovers from the load and strain of carrying and delivering a baby (vaginally or via C-Section). You will learn about diastasis recti, how to determine the width between the two abdominal sheaths, and what practices will help it heal and which practices to avoid. You will learn about the pelvis and the pelvic floor and how to keep them safe and stable through an asana (postural) practice. This module is suitable for yoga students and yoga teachers alike.

This class is delivered through a one-hour downloadable video.

Coming Soon!

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Melissa Hurt

is a certified trainer of the Lessac Kinesensic work. She was the last trainer certified by Arthur Lessac. Melissa is an active member of the Lessac Research and Training Institute®️(LRTI). Please refer to their website for more information about this approach to voice, speech, and movement at www.lessacinstitute.org. If you would like to discover this work more deeply, you may contact Melissa for a private online session via her website at www.melissahurt.com.