I bring years of experience as a theatre producer, director, actor, actor trainer, public speaking professor, and certified voice and movement trainer to customize a training program l that addresses your particular needs. 

I'll work with your team to promote effective interpersonal communication and create team building strategies so you work as a unified whole. Do you work well together and want to create seamless group presentations? I'll create a personalized workshop for your team's needs to deliver dynamic and engaging presentations. Day rates apply. 

I work with corporate individuals who want coaching on a particular presentation. We work on relaxation, material organization,   engagement with the presentation, clear and effective delivery, and connecting with your audience. You will feel excited, committed, and confident.

Do you feel stiff and tongue-tied when you present material to others?  Do you find you stop breathing and tense up?  I work with corporate individuals on finding authentic and engaged speech clarity and engaged posture, breath, and movement.

I utilize my training and experience as a theatre artist (producer, director, actor, and actor trainer), certified voice and speech trainer, and incorporate my knowledge of text and storytelling to help professionals polish and deliver a presentation confidently, dynamically, and authentically. I will help you connect with the material and the listeners in a new way. Sessions are between one-to-two hours.