I give you the tools of an actor, focus of a yogi, and skills of a dynamic, clear speaker to help you transform yourself into the professional you are meant to become. I help you feel confident, effective, and empowered while keeping it real with your gifts in the workplace. I don’t teach people how to perform in ways that feel fake to them. Instead, I teach you how to enrich the talents you already possess, but may not realize lie dormant.

I work with corporate individuals and groups on particular presentations, extemporaneous speaking, and/or becoming present and vital in the workplace.

I teach:

  • relaxation and how to attune with your inner voice

  • material organization and clarity 

  • engagement with the presentation so it always feels fresh and new

  • finding a powerful voice that is fully yours

  • clear and effective delivery with voice and body

  • connecting with your audience so you keep them engaged with you from beginning to end.

    You will feel excited, committed, and confident.

    Check out the packages below to see which best suits your needs. Want a little of this and a little of that? Let’s customize a package that works best for you.

Individual packages:

I have a presentation coming up

You create as much of the presentation as you can and I will help you capture the essence of the story to shape it and make it effective. I will help you create a compelling way to deliver your material with integrated voice, breath, speech, and movement. I will teach you vocal presence and how to speak powerfully and clearly without pushing or force. More time may be needed for longer presentations or for presentations that are under-developed.

I am going through a career transition

I will help you identify your personal vision for your career, attune with your inner voice, identify the forms of fear getting in your way, and find strategies for overcoming fear. I will help you develop your voice, speech, and movement with ease, clarity, and personal power. I will help you clearly identify a personal objective for securing your dream and find strategies for making it happen.

I want to feel Empowered as a woman in the workplace

I will help you develop your voice, speech, and movement with confidence, clarity, ease, and personal power. I will teach you how to meditate, find your personal vision, and attune with your inner voice so you can feel confident in your decisions. I will help you develop an actionable pathway to accomplishing your goal in a realistic timeline. We will work on a short presentation or extemporaneous speaking to help you bring all these tools together in the moment as a powerful, dynamic, flexible, and confident speaker.

I want complete transformation to become my best self

I will help you identify performance-based habits holding you back (vocal patterns, movement tics, physical expression). I will teach you how to manage yourself in stressful situations while remaining present and connected with your breath. I will teach you a full toolkit of voice and speech skills that will create a warm, dynamic, and flexible vocal life through which you can shine. I will help you with content creation and storytelling with material you need to present to secure the next big career move.

Contact me to apply!

Group Packages:

Effective communication:

For groups that need to find more harmony, I work with your team to promote effective interpersonal communication and create team building strategies so you work as a unified whole. You will discover empathy, listening, and speaking as a group while respecting each individual player. I teach the group voice, speech, and movement skills so they are dynamic, effective, and clear individually and as a whole.

Group Presentations:

For groups that work synergistically, I teach voice, speech, and movement skills to sharpen what’s already working for you and bring the group to a new level. I teach how to be spontaneous as a group as you engage with your audience and how to identify an overarching goal for your group and how you can each contribute to achieving it together.

Contact me for more information on group size and rates.

I travel outside of the Albany, NY region on a case-by-case basis. Day rates apply.