How to Practice Contentment and Gratitude with Your Whole Self

We are now on the second guideline for loving yourself: Contentment and gratitude

In this practice, we work toward expressing gratitude for what we have, with who we are, and for where we are in life. We work against the tendency common in human nature of striving for something more extravagant than what we have. We’re grasping toward an idea that there’s something better for us than what we already possess. We also work against feeling envious of what others have and downplay what we have in our life.

Can you feel content, balanced, and pleased with who you are and what you’ve accomplished without striving for something different? Instead, find gratitude for what you have and feel content with where you are. Can you feel satisfied with what is in your life?

This is not to say you don’t set goals for your personal growth—an essential part of both personal and professional development. The difference lies in how you travel on your journey. Can you feel content with every step, each action, and even every setback as you find your path taking you toward your goal?

Contentment is directly related to being unattached to the results of our actions.

If we work toward a goal and the result is less than what we expected, instead of being disappointed or angry, we accept what happens, learn from it, and move on with our lives. We’re satisfied with the lessons we have learned from the process. We cultivate gratitude for what we gained without finding the need to seek more. Deborah Adele teaches in The Yamas & Niyamas, “Practicing gratitude protects us from our own pettiness and smallness and keeps us centered in the joy and abundance of our own life.”

Gratitude nourishes our heart-mind and creates a sense of fulfillment. It is truly the practice of being present. We feel content with what we have and what we learn in every waking moment. This is true, even if our circumstances aren’t great, such as dealing with an illness or loss of finances. In these moments, can we still feel content with the lessons we learn or with what we still have?

As a mother, you strive to be content with the energy you have put forth taking care of yourself, your baby, and your family. Don’t compare yourself to other mothers; instead, be content with your own journey and process.

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