We're here in the season of Thanksgiving and I'm focusing on feeling grateful.  But, it's hard to find gratitude when you also see what is not so great. 

Let me spell it out:  I miss my family and friends that are scattered all over the country.  I have recently moved to upstate New York and don't regret this move one bit.  It was absolutely the best thing for us.  But, I miss my yoga teachers and yoga colleagues in Northern VA.  I miss my friends. I miss the GROCERY STORE where I got the BEST Fair Trade coffee in the world (MOM's organic market-- I'm talking to you).  I miss a few restaurants that I could hardly afford, but the one or two times I went with my husband on a rare date night felt like Heaven's culinary gates had opened for us.  I miss my church.  

But, I don't want to wallow in a sadness party.  Instead, I choose to be grateful for things abundant in my life now.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga so soon after arriving to Albany.  I'm grateful for all of my yoga students, who are so receptive to what I bring. I'm grateful that we found a house that has a proper studio space so I can teach people from home.  I'm grateful for learning-- I'm always learning something knew and I'm so grateful to not be stubborn to the point that I feel I have nothing new to learn.  Perhaps it comes from my theatre training in which I learned there is always another possibility, always another strategy, always another collaboration waiting to happen.  I always have more to learn.  

I'm grateful for the magic I feel when I'm teaching and I am clearly attuned with my students, the space, and the information I bring forth that I learned from practicing for hours on my mat, studying with a master teacher, and NEVER being embarrassed to raise my hand and ask the question.  

I'm grateful for where I am.  I have a path ahead of me in a part of the country that is new to me and it's all an unfolding from here.  I'm grounded on this trail with my head rising tall, heart open, and curious to what's ahead. 

Sincere thanks to all of my students who continue to teach me every day.  


Comment below.  What are you grateful for?

Melissa HurtComment